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Publisher: Sabine Walser, Eckhart Thomas

Publications manager
Sabine Walser
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email: s.walser@kepplermediengruppe.de

Norbert Sauermann (responsible for the contents)
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Marion Neckermann
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Yasmin Fehlau
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Publishing House

Keppler Medien Gruppe
P. Keppler Verlag GmbH & Co KG
Industriestraße 2, D-63150 Heusenstamm (Germany)
Postfach 1353, D-63131 Heusenstamm

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eMail: vr@kepplermediengruppe.de
URL: http://www.verpackungsrundschau.de

Managing Director: Eckhart Thomas

Registered office: 63150 Heusenstamm
Register court: Amtsgericht Offenbach/Main HRA Nr. 6601
VAT Reg. No.: DE114098860

personal liable shoreholder: Keppler Verlag Verwaltungsges. mbH
Registered office: 63150 Heusenstamm
Register court: Amtsgericht Offenbach/Main HRB Nr. 8643

Characteristic Features

How do you package what - and with what? You will find the answer to this question in every issue of VR Verpackungs-Rundschau, one of the leading trade magazines on packaging. VR provides information about all the different aspects of industrial product packaging - user-oriented and practical, up-to-date and quick to spot market trends. About 57,3%* of the articles are researched by our own staff, which emphasises the high quality standards of our editorial content. VR authors present practical reports for professional readers in industry and trade, from the packaging development, engineering, purchasing, marketing and design fields. The focal points in magazine reporting are products, technologies, trends and views. The editorial plan (see our media-pack) gives you detailed information about the regular sections and the main subjects featured in individual issues.

*own survey of VR's editors, issues 2011
Web Content:
Mike Wilhelm
Phone: +49 (0)6104 / 606 - 202
Fax: +49 (0)6104 / 606 - 121
eMail: m.wilhelm@kepplermediengruppe.de


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