TWB 02/13 PLA versus PET bottles

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Comparison of sorption and migration behavior

Sorption and migration behavior of PLA and PET

In this study the sorption and migration behavior of selected organic
substances in PLA bottles in comparison to PET bottles was investigated via the inertness test. The migration and sorption of PLA beverage bottles were found to be significantly higher than that of the respective PET material. An internal coating with a SiOx barrier layer significantly reduces the sorption of compounds into the bottle, resulting in a similar sorption behavior as the PET reference bottle without coating. Therefore only PLA with internal coating appears to be suitable for the safe packaging of beverages.

Keywords: Migration, PLA, PET, SiOx - coating, organic substances

Schlagworte: Migration, PLA, PET, SiOx - Beschichtung, organische Substanzen

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