TWB 04/12 Whey protein based barrier coatings

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft
A whey protein-based barrier film was successfully thermoformed in a laminate with PVC. The protein-based formulation was applied to the substrate as lacquer, dried and the laminate was thermoformed. The excellent barrier properties of the whey protein coating provides a material reduction of a 180 µm uncoated PVC cup to a 100 µm coated cup and is suitable for MAP systems for fresh meat according to its oxygen permeability below 20 cm³ (STP) 100 µm m-2 d-1 bar-1. As whey protein is also a renewable and biodegradable raw material, this innovative material contributes to sustainability with regards to lower material usage and substitution of conventional materials.

Keywords: Whey protein - barrier coating - PVC - thermoforming - MAP packaging

Schlagworte: Molkeprotein - Barrierebeschichtung - PVC - Warmformen - Schutzgasverpackungen
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