TWB 04/13 Permeationsmessungen

Forum Wissenschaft
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Prüfpraxis im Verpackungswesen Teil 3

Permeability Measurements

With regard to prevent quality loss during storage, especially the barrier properties of packaging material against gases and water vapour are of outstanding importance and have to be adapted individually to the specific requirements of the respective packaged product. Therefore, permeability measurements are essential for quality control processes in packaging film production. In this article methodologies used for permeability measurements of oxygen, water vapour, nitrogen and carbon dioxide with focus on different packaging applications are summarized.

Keywords: Packaging films, permeability measurements, oxygen, water vapour, gas permeation kinetics

Schlagworte: Verpackungsfolien, Permeationsmessung, Sauerstoff, Wasserdampf, Gaspermeationskinetik

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