TWB 10/13 Model-based Fault Localization in Bottling Plants

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

“An implemented approach for automatic weak point analysis”

Bottling of beverages is carried out in complex plants. To realize an efficient bottling process and high quality products downtimes have to be avoided. The operators require a diagnosis tool that allows them to locate plant components that cause downtime by exploiting automatically acquired machine data. A novel customizable tool following a model-based approach was created, which allows the generation of individual diagnosis solutions. New validated
models for all relevant plant components were developed. The diagnosis solution was tested in practical scale and judged as a useful tool with up to 87.1 percent of compliant diagnosis results.
Keywords: Model-based fault localization; automatic fault diagnosis; consistency based diagnosis; bottling plant; packaging line.

Schlagworte: Modellbasierte Fehlerlokalisierung; Automatische Fehlerdiagnose; Konsistenzbasierte Diagnose; Abfüllanlage; Verpackungslinie.
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