TWB 12/12 Neue Konzepte für die Siegelung zu Polyester

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Von der Festversiegelung zum Burst-Peel

This article gives an outline of a new resin concept to provide high quality seal properties when sealing to PET-A or to itself for barrier food packaging. The resin based on a Copolyester is enabling extremely tight seal even when used at only 10 µm to provide safety of the packaging during transport or handling. By modifying the adjacent tie layer, Burst-Peel properties can be adjusted. The thickness of the seal layer as well as the bonding strength of the adjacent tie layer to seal layer determine the opening force..

Keywords: Burst-Peel, Easy-Opening, PET, seal strength

Schlagworte: Burst-Peel, Easy-Opening, PET, Siegelnahtfestigkeit

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