Confinement Odour

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft
Confinement odour in vacuum-packed  red meat was investigated using a  comprehensive chemo-sensory-analytical  approach. Experiments were performed  on vacuum-packaged beef stored at 2°C  for 2-3 weeks. Sensory evaluations  indicated the presence of typical cheesy/  sour confinement odour attributes in  several samples. Volatiles in the  packaging pouches were detected via  SPME-GC-MS/O and PTR-TOF-MS and  included diverse odorants, comprising  aldehydes and ketones, organic acids,  and sulphur compounds, presumed to be  a product of microbial activity. The  developed method offers a potential tool  for investigating and validating measures  implemented to abate or prevent the  occurrence of confinement odour. 
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