Does recycled packaging contaminate fast foods?

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft
Packaging materials can contain  MOSH and MOAH concentrations due  to the use of mineral oil in printing  inks and recyclates. As MOAH is assumed  to be carcinogenic, migration  into food products should be avoided.  This work dealt with the analysis of  MOSH and MOAH in fast food packaging  and the migration from pizza  boxes into the pizza. Various fast food  packaging materials were analyzed for  their mineral oil contents. The samples  showed mineral oil contents up to  682 mg/kg for MOSH and 92 mg/kg  for MOAH. Despite the high mineral  oil concentrations in the pizza boxes,  only minor migration of MOSH and  MOAH into pizza could be observed,  even under worst case test conditions. 
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