Lagerzeitabhängige Sauerstoffdurchlässigkeit von Molkenproteinisolat-basierten Beschichtungen

This study investigated the time-dependent changes of molecular interactions in whey protein isolate based coatings by protein solubility tests and their influence on the oxygen permeation. It has been observed that oxygen permeability decreases by 85 % within two weeks after fi lm production. Protein solubility measurements confi rmed that hydrogen bonds and disulphide bridges are the predominant intermolecular interactions. The cross-linking process can be considered as completed after approx. 14 days.

Keywords: whey proteins, biopolymers, time dependent cross-linking, molecular interactions, oxygen permeation

Schlagworte: Molkenproteine, Biopolymere, zeitabhängige Quervernetzung, molekulare Wechselwirkungen, Sauerstoffdurchlässigkeit

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