TWB 04/15 Functional barriers towards mineral oil contaminants

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Evaluation of alternatives to PET and PA

Migration of mineral oil components from cardboard packaging into food is an issue which is sought to be prevented by incorporating barrier materials into the packaging. Well known functional barrier materials in this context are PET and PA. In the present study, barrier properties of alternative materials were determined. The permeation rates of a row of mineral oil contaminants through six commercially available films was measured and evaluated. The results show the different suitability of the tested films. Based on the results a rough model for the estimation of permeation rates of further
compounds is proposed.

Keywords: permeation rates, MOSH, MOAH, functional barrier, migration

Schlagworte: Permeationsraten, MOSH, MOAH, funktionelle Barriere, Migration

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