TWB 06/14 Mineralölverbindungen in Papierverpackungen

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Nachweis von MOSH/MOAH in Bäckertüten

Paper based food packaging can contain mineral oil caused by mineral oil based printing inks or contaminated recyclates. As mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) are estimated to be carcinogenic, migration into food should be avoided. This study deals with the investigation of bakery bags as a potential source of mineral oils. Diverse bakery bags were examined for their mineral oil content. All tested bags contained mineral oil substances. Mainly, mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) were detected with up to 416 ìg/g (mean = 108 ìg/g), whereat levels of MOAH were up to 45 ìg/g (mean = 15 ìg/g). Worst case migration estimates for MOSH into fatty food were below recommended values.
Keywords: mineral oil components, migration, MOSH, MOAH, bakery bags

Schlagworte: Mineralölbestandteile, Migration, MOSH, MOAH, Bäckertüten
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