TWB 08/14 Polyamide – more than just a medium Oxygen barrier

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Functional barrier, mechanical and thermal performance offered at once

Contamination of dry food by mineral oil residues from card board is a known and well investigated topic. Implementation of functional barriers into existing structures will protect the food and solve the issue. Polyamides provide not only an efficient functional barrier to non or less polar mineral oil residues, plasticizers and stabilizers but also an unique combination of barrier with mechanical, thermal and optical performances. Suitable grades (e.g. Ultramid) and processing technologies are available to modify existing extrusion coating or blown film applications. Recommendations of suitable structures for inliner pouches as well as barrier performance examples are shown.

Keywords: Dry food, Recycled Cardboard, Mineral oil, Functional barrier, Ultramid

Schlagworte: Trockene Lebensmittel, Recyclingkarton, Mineralöl, Funktionale Barriere, Ultramid

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