TWB 08/16 Lichtschutzwirkung von Verpackungsmaterialien

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Qualitätserhalt lichtempfindlicher Fleischwaren

A meat component model was developed to determine the effectiveness of UV-absorber in packaging films for fresh meat. Since meat is an inhomogenously grown product, the meat component model enables to investigate the influence of UV-absorber on fat oxidation and color retention on a fresh meat model system within a little while. The effect of UV-absorber was separately determined for the meat pigment (myoglobin) and the fatty component (lard). It was obvious that UV-absorber had a protective effect on the color and also on the oxidative stability of the components in the model packaging system.

Keywords: modified atmosphere packaging, meat quality, shelf life, UV-light, UV-absorber

Schlagworte: Schutzgas-Verpackung, Fleischqualität, Haltbarkeit, UV-Licht, UV-Filter

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