TWB 10/15 Modellgestützte Verpackungsentwicklung

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Haltbarkeitsabschätzung am Beispiel verpackter Erdbeeren

Determining the shelf life of packed food products is a time-consuming and costly task due to extensive storage testing. “Shelf life models” can be used to predict the shelf life of packed foods depending on the packaging and storage conditions. Thereby the amount of storage tests can be significantly reduced. This approach is demonstrated for fresh strawberries packed under modified atmosphere. The results of the storage tests were interpreted using a shelf life model. Furthermore it is shown how the obtained results can be used for packaging development.

Keywords: Shelf life, strawberries, package, food products, mircobiology, respiration

Schlagworte: Haltbarkeit, Erdbeeren, Verpackung, Lebensmittel, Mikrobiologie, Respiration

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