03. July 2019 | Recycling

Less plastic in the freezer

Pouch with mono film made of PE
New packaging with thinner film said to provide the same protection while being easy to recycle
Source: Agrarfrost

Agrarfrost, a German producer of frozen produce, is now selling its products in pouches containing a lower percentage of plastic. Thus the company plans to save more than 80 tonnes of plastic a year. The manufacturer, which specializes in frozen potato products, stated that after much research and testing, it had succeeded in launching a novel packaging solution.

Mono film made of PE

With its significantly lower thickness, this packaging film is said to continue to protect products optimally, providing consumers with consistent quality and feel. As the company reported, it provides the new mono film made of polyethylene (PE) with specific properties using an innovative and complex manufacturing process. The film does not require additional lamination and can be recycled after use.

Solutions also made available to partners

Earlier this year, the manufacturer had already launched new folding boxes without plastic coating for potato pancakes and fritters. By the end of the year, all pouch packaging for French fries and frozen potato specialties using the new film are said to be available in retail stores. The company also offers its business partners sustainable packaging solutions customized to each client's needs in order to reduce the use of plastic further.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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