10. July 2019 | Packaging technology

Mono films within reach

KMD 64.2
A new design for the KMD 64.2
Source: Kiefel

Brückner is preparing: With its news regarding K trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany this October, the Brückner Group shows that line manufacturers are also working on film properties and preparing for the new demand for mono-material films that can be used instead of the multi-layer films pursued so far. For this purpose, the company is offering two new line designs for manufacturing BOPE films that are also flexible enough to produce BOPP films. In order to meet all of the barrier requirements, a new inline coater will be presented that allows coating the BOPP and BOPE films with thin functional layers.

New version of the KMD

Kiefel and PacksysGlobal, two companies associated with the group, are also announcing innovations. The first introduces a new version of the KMD high-performance machine, named KMD 78.2 Speed, providing new results – high productivity due to a newly designed film feeding table, an ergonomically compatible tool changeover system, and not least, an intelligent user navigation system. Its little 'brother', the Speedformer KMD 64.2 Speed, was recently presented in Freilassing, Germany providing a taste of what is in the works for K.

All out for tubes

The second company goes all out for tubes. The manufacturer is presenting improved design options that have opened up, e.g., due to the elimination of the white seam that was always visible. Its new side-seam technology for 360° printing, which eliminates overlaps visible to consumers, is called NeoSeam. This new technology will be shown at K on the LTR2 tube-welding machine. With these laminated cosmetics tubes, the manufacturer wants to advance the use of tubes instead of plastic bottles. There are many applications where tubes could represent an alternative to extrusion-blowmolded bottles.

K; 16 to 23 October 2019; Düsseldorf, Germany: Hall 3, Stand C90 - E90

edited by Susanne Blüml

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