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Turkish specialties for eating at home

The Turkish company Senpilic has been working with packing machines from Multivac since 2015. Two machines had already been in operation, when a third was added. The reliability of the machines is of major importance to the food company, since one fault in the packaging procedure can often have huge consequences for the entire production process.

The products are sold throughout the country via 19 regional offices and 60 distributors
The products are sold throughout the country via 19 regional offices and 60 distributors
Source: Multivac

Established as a small broiler farm in 1978, today Senpilic operates 24 breeding farms, two hatcheries, two feed plants and two slaughterhouses, which are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and work with 880 contract poultry farms. The company, by its own account, processes around 320,000 tons of poultry meat annually. The fresh meat range consists of whole chickens, chicken breasts and legs, chicken wings, livers, hearts and other innards, as well as other food products. The range of processed products is also very diverse. They offer traditional straight or ring-shaped Sucuk sausage, as well as salami, cocktail sausages, and snack and convenience products, such as chicken nuggets, cordon bleu products, schnitzel, croquettes, burgers and kebabs. The products are sold throughout the country via 19 regional offices and 60 distributors with modern refrigerated vehicles to quickly deliver the products to their destination.

Dynamic growth

In the years since the founding of the company, the production capacity has been constantly increased to match rising demand, and everything has been financed through the company’s own capital. Production capacity increased tenfold in just the period from 2000 to 2016. The hatchery facilities are certified to ISO 9000. This means that Senpilic reportedly is among the largest of such operations in Europe. The abattoirs also meet European standards for quality, safety and hygiene, including ISO 22000 and the Halal regulations of the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE). The operation in Sögütlü is also one of the first in Turkey to be certified in accordance with HACCP 13001.

Food safety first

The market for processed food in Turkey is on a strong upward curve, and demand is increasing constantly. “The number of machines reflects the growth in our production volume,” explains Senpilic Manager Bengü Küçük, adding: “Despite mass production methods, food safety is an absolute Must for us. Since the company was founded, we have been systematically investing in modern production technology, and we are always matching our standards to the requirements of the market.”

Reducing operating costs

In order to achieve these ambitious objectives, the poultry producer also knows that it is necessary to reduce operating costs, use existing resources in a responsible way and maintain or even increase the very high quality of the products - both with the standard products and with innovative new recipes, which give the company new impetus in the market. This was also why Multivac, Germany, was the best solution as a supplier for the packaging process, according to the company. The crucial factors in this decision were primarily the output capacity and flexibility of the machines, so that the demand could be met not just today but also in the medium term. At the same time, efficiency and reliability of the machines played a major role, as well as quality with regard to packs. “We had to ensure that the MAP packs would be sealed absolutely securely, and that the atmosphere exchange would take place exactly as we had defined it.” This factor, together with a high level of hygiene awareness, has a very positive effect on the shelf life of the delicate food products, leading to a significant improvement in this area.

Appetizing food perfectly packed in an hygienic manufacturing and packaging procedure
Appetizing food perfectly packed in an hygienic manufacturing and packaging procedure
Source: Multivac

A double success

The two thermoforming packaging machines, the R 245 and F 200, which are now in use at Senpilic, not only fulfill all the requirements that the poultry processor demands of a modern packaging procedure, but also enable a wide variety of products to be packed. Today, the range extends from various delicatessen specialties to cooked products and convenience foods, right up to meatballs and breaded meat products.

The R 245 is used primarily to pack Sucuk, a powerfully spiced raw sausage, which is either sliced or produced in a ring shape. This Turkish sausage is mostly eaten warm either at breakfast or as a snack in pita bread, and it is also used as a filling for Gözleme flatbreads and pastries. Small cocktail sausages are also packed in thermoformed packs. The machine offers the ideal solution for the customer’s requirements: it is equipped with the proven drawer system for the simple change of forming and sealing die parts, as well as hinged side frames and a film quick-change system. This ensures maximum flexibility and a quick conversion to other pack formats. Even more complex pack shapes can be produced at high output on the R 245. From the very beginning, everyone at Senpilic was very impressed with the capacity, speed and forming system of the machine.

The second model, the F 200, is used primarily for packing the company’s top product, a doner kebab to eat at home. Tastily spiced and attractively packaged, this most recognizable of Turkish culinary specialties is currently the top seller among Senpilic’s range of products.

The F 200 also enables individual pack designs to be produced, and it is favored for its cost effectiveness. It is able to run both flexible and rigid films with a thickness of up to 500 micrometer.
Working with 880 contract poultry farms, Senpilic processes around 320,000 tons of poultry meat annually
Working with 880 contract poultry farms, Senpilic processes around 320,000 tons of poultry meat annually
Source: Multivac

Good packaging for a good brand

The company sees a reliable and attractive pack, together with the right labeling, as a factor emphasizing the quality of the product and ensuring that it achieves a high level of acceptance in the market. “Our brand is established and therefore high-value. Our awareness of our responsibilities is manifested not only in appetizing food perfectly packed in a hygienic manufacturing and packaging procedure, but also in the great importance that we place on observing the statutory requirements for product labeling and the traceability of our products through the entire process chain,” explains Bengü Küçük.

Although initially Senpilic was mainly focused on the output capability of the machines in order to achieve their ambitious objectives, the company was also very appreciative of Multivac’s international orientation as market leader with its technical support and professional local customer care, as well as its outstanding expertise in the packaging sector and the trustworthiness of the project team.

Mission accomplished

All the project objectives were able to be achieved with Multivac without any significant problems: production capacity has been increased to the desired level, costs have been reduced significantly while process reliability has been increased and all the quality criteria met in full. The great reliability of the machines is also of major importance to Senpilic, since “one breakdown in the packaging procedure can often have huge consequences for the entire production process.”


Packaging at Senpilic
Senpilic decided to use packing machines from Multivac because of their output capacity, flexibility, plus the efficiency and process reliability of the machines, as well as the quality criteria, particularly regarding the packs.

The two thermoforming machines enable a wide variety of products to be packed. The range extends from various delicatessen specialties, to cooked products and convenience foods, to meat balls and breaded meat products.

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