14. August 2019 | Recycling

Trendy water beverages in carton bottles

Water beverages in carton bottles
A start-up brand is launching a range of water beverages in carton bottles
Source: SIG

B-Better, a water start-up brand from Unilever’s Future Platform, is launching a range of water beverages in SIG’s combidome carton bottle. This bottle, the company says, is offering the advantages of an aseptic carton pack and all the benefits of a bottle shape. Furthermore,  it reportedly is fully recyclable and mainly made from FSC-certified paper board. And, it is said to be the first project to use the Signature packaging material, where the polymers reportedly are linked to wood-based renewable materials through mass balancing. Added to this is an ultra-thin aluminium foil certified to Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) standard, which is said to be a world-first from SIG.

Eye-catcher for young target groups

As well as environmental credentials, the convenient carton bottle design also complements the new water brand by immediately standing out on shelf to younger consumers. B-Better is a range of 10 water beverages, which are enriched with B vitamins. Initial launch of the combidome 750ml carton bottles will be in Belgium, with 1% of revenues going to regional environmental causes.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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