08. July 2019 | Economy

Italian packaging machinery further growing

According to Italian packaging machinery manufacturers association Ucima, its industry has closed 2018 with a total revenue of 7.85 billion euros, 9.4% up on the previous year. Domestic sales reportedly grew by 10.7% year on year to 1.6 billion euros, while exports amounted to 6.2 billion euros, an increase of 9%.

EU remains the most important market

The European Union is said to have remained the most important market, accounting for 38.1% of total turnover (2.05 billion euros). Four of the Italian manufacturers’ largest markets are located in the EU including France, Germany, Spain and the UK. Asia ranked second with a value of 1.024 billion euros (8% down on 2017) and a 19% share of turnover. The largest markets in Asia were China (ranked 8th overall), Japan (11th), India (16th) and Indonesia (19th).

The North American market ranked third with 741.3 million euros (13.8%) and 25% growth over the previous year. This result was driven by the performance in the United States, which reportedly saw 31% growth to 676.4 million euros and absorbed more than 90% of total exports to the region.

A quarter of world machinery exports

Looking at the breakdown of turnover amongst the client sectors, food and beverage maintained its dominant position in 2018 accounting for 55.3% of total turnover.

The Italian packaging machinery industry is said to be one of the most dynamic Italian manufacturing sectors. In terms of technology and market share, the sector competes for the global leadership with Germany and accounts for a quarter of world machinery exports, according to Ucima.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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