02. July 2019 | Economy

Mesutronic becomes part of Indus

Mesutronic becomes part of Indus
CEO Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier (left) together with chairman Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schmidt (right)
Source: Mesutronic

The German Indus Holding acquires a majority share of the German detection system company Mesutronic. The operative management is said to stay unchanged for the foreseeable future. As daughter company, also the Mesutronic France SAS becomes part of the Indus Holding.

The operative business of the detection system company started in 1993 with a staff of 5. Today more than 40.000 systems reportedly have been sold to over 50 countries, while the company grew to over 210 employees.

Specialized in company succession

To secure further development in the future, the company owners, mostly still working actively in management, reportedly have decided to settle the matter of succession early on.

Investment company Indus reportedly is specialized in company succession in SME’s and long term and sustainable enterprise development. The group is said to currently hold shares in 45 companies of various industries, amongst others in engineering, life science and automotive technology.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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