17. July 2019 | Packaging materials & packs

August Faller wins German Innovation Award 2019

August Faller, a German manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging, has won the German Innovation Award for 2019 in the category “Excellence in Business to Business – Medical Technologies” for its digitalized, interactive packaging solution called “Medical Prescription”. This solution is said to actively help users to take their medication in the correct way. It was developed in collaboration with AVNET Integrated and Pforzheim University.

Intelligent folding box

The digitalized folding box has flat electronic units with an e-paper display, control keys, a microcontroller, a battery and a Bluetooth interface. Doctors or pharmacists can use an app to transfer individualized instructions for use directly onto the package. The package is said to automatically monitor the number of tablets inside and reminds the patient when it is time to take the medication by means of an integrated clock, LED and acoustic signal.

The award

With the German Innovation Awards, the German Design Council has established a prize that recognizes the best and most effective solutions, detailed innovations and services that genuinely create added value for users. The 2019 German Innovation Awards, which was the second competition, were granted in two classes – the »Excellence in Business to Consumer« and »Excellence in Business to Business« categories. Participants can come from all industries as well as non-commercial and public organizations.

Armin Rambach
Armin Rambach, Research & Development Director, received the German Innovation Award 2019 in Berlin
Source: August Faller
Medical Prescription
The awarded folding box has flat electronic units with an e-paper display
Source: August Faller

edited by Thobias Quaß

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