TWB 08/2017
Forum Wissenschaft

UV-Bestrahlung von Molkenprotein-basierten Folien

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Due to their high oxygen barrier, whey protein-based films and coatings are of great interest in the food packaging industry. In order to optimize their functional properties by crosslinking, the films were irradiated with UV. Depending on the radiation dose, an increased yellowing of the films occurs. Elongation at break and Young’s Modulus showed no changes caused by UV treatment, whereas the tensile strength increased with increasing radiation dose in  transverse direction. Furthermore, no  alteration in the barrier properties of the  WPI films due to UV treatment was  found. A significant decrease in protein solubility in all buffer systems knowing to splits disulfide bridges and non-covalent bonds was shown, indicating increased intermolecular forces as a function of the UV dose. 

Keywords: whey protein isolate films, UV radiation, mechanical properties, barrier properties, structure-response relationships

Schlagworte: Molkenproteinisolat, UV-Bestrahlung, mechanische Eigenschaften, Barriereeigenschaften,
strukturabhängige Eigenschaften

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