21. March 2019 | Recycling

Producing sustainable pouches

SI 280
The SI 280 reportedly is equipped with solutions for the management of different packaging materials qualities
Source: Volpak

Machinery manufacturer Volpak, a Coesia company from Spain, has developed a technology to operate with recyclable materials. According to the company, machines such as the SI 280 or the new SC+ are equipped with solutions for the management of different packaging materials qualities. Moreover, all latest machines of the manufacturer are said to come with a set of "smart" advanced devices such as an asset performance evaluation system, central data storage, web-based self-diagnosis system and plug & play interconnectivity. These features reportedly contribute to achieve  good results in forming and filling pouches, but help as well in sustaining the environment, reducing waste both in terms of energy and materials. 

Extending product endurance

According to the company, pouches are at the forefront of the flexible packaging development. From snacks and household products to baby food and beyond, pouches can be adapted for a comprising range of products and industries.

From economical to ecological impact

Flexible pouches reportedly are the most cost-effective packaging solution, as well as being the more ecological one compared to cans, jars or bottles.  According to the company, the manufacturing process of flexible pouches takes less material  compared to rigid packaging, and the pouches are more compact in space and lighter in weight than cans or jars. This reportedly makes them more efficient to transport, thus reducing both transportation costs and CO2 emissions.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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