15. March 2019 | Packaging technology

Monobloc with multifunction

The Mini-Monobloc Fill/Finish Packaging System can accommodate plastic, glass, and metal containers
Source: Filamatic

According to US-based machinery manufacturer Filamatic, monobloc liquid filling systems are going through a renaissance. "It’s a challenging, but exciting time for equipment manufacturers," says Ken Himes, Monobloc Systems Consultant. "New industries, emerging markets, new customers with exciting products, what better time is there then now to be creating new and innovative solutions."

Small footprint, big data

One of the resulting trends reportedly is, that Monobloc footprints are decreasing as customers are dealing with less space within their facilities. Manufacturers are also offering more versions of Monoblocs in the form of Tabletop Monoblocs or Mini-Monoblocs.

Another feature that reportedly can be seen more and more is the use of servo-motors. These are helping with linear positioning during the filling/capping process like placing and torquing screw caps on containers. Servo-motors allow diverse torque-specs to be met on screw caps. This process also allows for a substantial amount of data to be recorded and analyzed as well.

Trendy Mini-Monobloc

One example for these trends is the company's Mini-Monobloc Fill/Finish Packaging System. This machine reportedly utilizes servo controls to provide cost-effective liquid filling, capping and/or stoppering. The Mini-Monobloc can accommodate plastic, glass, and metal containers, ranging in sizes from microtubes to 100 ml.

According to the manufacturer, this one person production line is ideal for Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, and Biotech plants or for use in limited production environments. It is said to be ideal for small batch production. The line includes sorting bowls and controls enclosure, measuring 24" x 48" as footprint.

20,000 machines installed

For over 65 years, Filamatic has been serving the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Medical, Biotech, Health/Personal Care, Cosmetic and Food/Beverage industries. The company, by its own account, has sold more than 20,000 machines all around the world, covering a range of processes that includes unscramblers, cleaners, liquid fillers, pluggers, crimpers and cappers.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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