04. June 2019 | Packaging technology

Somic: New compact wraparound machine

Readypack wraparound packer
The new wraparound packer is said to take up only about 6,5 m² of floor space
Source: Somic

With its new compact wraparound packer for a throughput of up to 160 packs a minute, Somic is now presenting a new and compact machine for the entry-level market in automated packing. This machine is said to take up only about 6,5 m² of floor space.

Priced below 300,000 euros

According to its CEO Patrick Bonetsmüller, the company is developing the market of companies seeking to transition from manual to machine packing. The Readypack, as the new machine is called, aims at packers e.g. in the meat, cheese and confectionery sectors. It reportedly offers the advantage of rapid format switches. According to Sales Director Stefan Julinek, the machine will be priced below 300,000 euros.

edited by Susanne Blüml

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