15. May 2019 | Economy

IMA Dairy & Food reorganized

Late last year, the machinery manufacturer IMA sold 60% of its shares in the filling brands of IMA Dairy & Food Group (Erca, Hamba-Gasti, and Hassia) to the German investor Thomas Becker. He knows the packaging industry, having already worked for Rovema. In a press interview last Monday, he presented his strategy for the further development of these three companies. He said that in the future, they would all be separately active in the market. They are considered leading suppliers of FFS (form, fill, seal) machinery as well as FS (fill & seal) machines for dairy products and other foodstuffs.

Hamba and Gasti to be split up

Hamba and Gasti will be split up in order to increase their market potentials. For this purpose, Hamba will be integrated into Hassia, while Gasti will remain an independent company. In addition, all of their portfolios will be realigned. E.g., Hassia will, in addition to its FFS systems, also manufacture the FS systems that have been produced by Hamba all along, and distribute them in the premium sector. Systems for stick packs and sachets will also be added.

IMA Erca will focus on FFS and FS systems for the medium-price segment and the low-cost sector. This is also where the FS systems from Gasti will be placed. In order to prevent overlaps, an umbrella holding will be formed for the group. With its approx. 500 employees, the "new" IMA Dairy & Food is expected to generate annual sales in the triple-digit million euro range.

New Aseptic Competence Center

In addition, Thomas Becker introduced the new Aseptic Competence Center. It was established in order to provide customers with end-to-end solutions ranging from the planning and designing of packaging systems to their acceptance. The new lab is authorized to work with microorganisms up to risk group II.

By Ralph Ammann

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