29. March 2019 | Packaging materials & packs

Production capacity boost until 2020

Die Produktionskapazität für die Millad NX 8000 Clarifier wurde wegen wachsender Nachfrage um 50 % erhöht
Increasing market demand for Millad NX 8000 clarifier prompts the company to boost production capacity by 50 %
Source: Milliken & Company, MKPR198

In April, Milliken & Company in Blacksburg Company will begin building the said to be largest clarifier plant in Blacksburg, South Carolina. The new plant is due to begin operations in 2020 and will boost capacity of Milliken’s Millad NX 8000 clarifier by approximately 50 percent. The expansion is needed to meet fast-growing global demand for this polypropylene additive that is helping users to realize significant sustainability and performance advantages.

The additive creates opportunities to replace less sustainable plastics such as polystyrene and PVC with a type of polypropylene that can only be produced using the said product.

Environmental benefits

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has validated that the processing of resin containing the additive requires lower energy consumption than other polypropylene that uses third-generation clarifiers, allowing the UL eco-label to be used on those products. Lower processing temperatures are benefitting users with energy savings.

edited by Thobias Quaß

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