22. February 2019 | Recycling

Further elimination of single-use plastic

The eco-friendly Balloon Grip from Van Genechten
The eco-friendly Balloon Grip from Van Genechten
Source: Van Genechten Packaging

The use of plastics is steadily decreasing, not just because of the ban of single-use plastics in the EU but also due to the raising demand for more sustainablilty by the customers. Now the belgian Van Genechten Packaging, specialized in custom folding carton packaging, developed a smarter alternative for single-use plastic balloon grips for their UK-based promotional partner B-Loony.

More space for branding

The two-times Save the Planet Award winner produced the eco-friendly Balloon Grip, that showcases the versatile power of folding carton: made of renewable sources, thus recycable and reusable, with an individual printable space for branding possibilities. Above that the flat-packed grip allows an efficient packaging, storage and distribution. Easily assembled for high volume balloon giveaways the BalloonGrip is currently available in colourful party colours, or a natural wood effect. The whole grip can be custom printed for e.g. sales promotions with brands or even competitions.

"Many of our existing customers have already pledged to reduce their use of single-use plastics, and with Balloon Grip we can offer an affordable, eco-friendly and smart alternative. So we were very happy to have pulled this off with Van Genechten Packaging“, Andy MacInnes, Commercial Director B-Loony.

edited by Thobias Quaß

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