19. June 2019 | Packaging materials & packs

Dropper Tube is to make vitamin application easier

D3 Piccolo Vitamin D Dropper Tube
The new dropper system dispenses droplets of 200 IU individually by applying light pressure to the tube
Source: Neopac

Global packaging provider Hoffmann Neopac has partnered with Streuli Pharma to launch a dropper tube for direct, precision administering of Vitamin D. As the solution houses vitamin D in a tube with a metered dropper, the result is said to be a safer, more accurate dosage.

The new dropper system dispenses droplets individually by applying light pressure to the tube. Each drop contains 200 International Units (IU) of vitamin D, which allows an easy dosage. Babies and toddlers up to 3 years often require daily administration of 400-600 IU of vitamin D.

Ideal drop size can be adjusted

Utilizing the Polyfoil 19mm dropper tube with screw cap, the solution reportedly features a special insert on the dropper mechanism designed for liquid, serums or oily content. This helps to ensure accurate dosing by adjusting the mechanism to the proper bulk texture for ideal drop size. The glass-free packaging also allows it to be directly inserted into the mouth, and makes the package more transportable.

A proprietary blend of materials

Polyfoil is said to be a proprietary blend of materials providing advanced barrier properties for products requiring ample protection against harmful external factors, including moisture and oxygen. According to the packaging manufacturer, products housed in Polyfoil solutions can enjoy longer shelf life compared to those stored in conventional polyethylene or polypropylene packaging.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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