05. March 2019 | Economy

Expertise pool and record sales

In 2018, the Optima packaging group boosted its sales by around 15 percent to more than 400 million euros. According to the German company, this marks a new sales record. More than 85 percent of the sales reportedly were generated abroad. In 2019, the company is continuing to invest in new buildings at its headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. An ongoing investment program spanning several years has set aside around 50 million euros for construction projects. Furthermore, the group reportedly plans to exploit the potential of digitalization in the future with an “Industrial IT” division created specifically for this purpose.

Incoming orders above-average

A new building with office and assembly areas is currently being built for Optima Pharma in Schwäbisch Hall. The new building, which was originally planned to be built in three to five years, is realized earlier, on account of the division's high level of incoming orders.

The number of employees has also increased. In 2017, there were already more than 2,250 people working for the special purpose machine manufacturer, but this figure had risen to 2,400 by the end of 2018, including more than 150 apprentices and students from the University of Cooperative Education. With the integration of the Maier Packaging in June 2018, more than 40 employees were added to the group.

New digitalization division

In 2018, Optima created a central division called “Industrial IT” with the aim of pooling expertise in the field of digitalization. This is said to further drive the development of so-called Smart Services – like the line management software OPAL, the servicing software WEmaintain and the intelligent machine condition monitoring system TCAM.

Turnkey solution
New assembly areas are being created, because the complete systems, which consist of filling and closing machines and isolator and freeze-drying technologies, take up a lot of space
Source: Optima
Smart Service
Production managers benefit from the line management software OPAL that reportedly allows them to react quickly to fluctuations in overall equipment efficiency
Source: Optima

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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