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Record year for aluminium cans

Mit einem Marktanteil von etwa 50 % ist damit jede zweite auf der Welt hergestellte Aerosoldose aus Aluminium
A total of 8.14 billion aluminium aerosol cans were produced around the globe in 2018
Source: Aerobal

A total of 8.14 billion aluminium aerosol cans were produced around the globe in 2018. Of these, the 26 Aerobal member companies (International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers) produced more than 6 billion aluminium cans for the first time (+2.2 % compared to the previous year). For the second year in a row, the 8 billion can mark was exceeded and even the record result of 2017 was surpassed.

According to the Organisation, almost 84 % of total production in 2018 went into the cosmetics sector. Deodorants and perfumes alone accounted for 57 %. Hair Sprays with around 9 % and Hair Mousse with around 6 % also accounted for larger shares. In addition to the cosmetics industry, the broad market for household goods with 7 % and the pharmaceutical sector with 6 % were of particular importance.

Fast growing Middle East

While the most important regional markets in Europe and North America remained stable, the emerging markets in Central and South America and the Asia-Pacific region emphasised their potential with solid single-digit growth. However, the largest leap in development, albeit from a relatively low level, was in the Middle East with double-digit growth rates.

"After the many growth records in recent years, our industry will be able to take a breather this year, so that delivery times should also return to more normal levels," says Aerobal President Leopold Werdich.

edited by Thobias Quaß

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