12. April 2019 | Economy

New White Paper: Containment in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging needs cost-efficiency, particularly when it takes place in a cleanroom
Source: Uhlmann Pac-Systeme

German machinery manufacturer Uhlmann Pac-Systeme has published a new white paper about containment. The company, that specializes in pharmaceutical packaging, describes how containment measures can be effectively integrated into a packaging line, explaining how time and costs can be reduced as a result.

Time as a critical factor

The manufacturer puts a special focus on time, that is a decisive factor particularly when packaging high-potency active ingredients, primarily when operation takes place in a cleanroom. According to the company, a containment blister line is a reliable and more efficient alternative. The white paper is answering questions like: How does such a line actually function? How is it assembled? What are the economic benefits when packaging solid dose products?

The white paper can be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer's website.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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