11. March 2019 | Marketing

A taste of honey given by an easy snap

The packet just has to be folded and squeezed without any need to tear, peel or unscrew
Source: Easysnap Technology

Egyptian honey brand Golverdy by Italian-Turkish Rahmani Group has been awarded with the Gulfood Innovation Award 2019 in the Best Packaging (Design) Impact category. Gulfood is the world’s largest annual food & beverages trade show. The awarded packaging concept is Easysnap, that is provided by Italy-based company Easysnap Technology.

The solution is a single-dose packet that opens itself when it es folded in half. It reportedly can be bent with one hand and the content comes out. The packet just has to be folded and sqeezed. There is no need to tear or peel films or to unscrew caps. According to the manufacturer, the packaging will allow easy opening for children, elder people or disabled person.

Suitable for liqued and semi-liquid products

Easysnap can be used to pack liquid and semi-liquid products including condiments like salads dressings, beverages like energy drinks or medicines, flavouring as syrup and as an applicator for creams, lotions and soap gel.

The packaging is manufactured by the automated machine Easysnap Pulsar351 that is designed and developed by the company. This machine is said to produce up to 240 units dose/minute and is certified for food, cosmetic and medical device industries.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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