08. March 2019 | Recycling

Red Herring honors German start-up

Uwe D'Agnone, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der Creapaper GmbH, mit dem Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award
Uwe D'Agnone, CEO Creapaper GmbH, with the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award
Source: creapaper

More and more alternative packaging solutions are being awarded. The US business magazine Red Herring recently presented the German start-up Creapaper with its Top 100 Europe Award. The start-up has developed a technology for producing paper from grass. The winners were selected from a group of around 1200 European start-up companies.

Grass paper is efficient

The raw material grass is processed into grass fibre pulp in the form of pellets, which replace cellulose made from virgin wood fibres. This would release up to 75% less CO2 than in conventional production, and 1 tonne of grass paper would require 2 instead of 6 litres of water. The patented process also allows to avoid chemicals in the production process.

Established alternative

Creapaper has established itself as a grass paper producer in the packaging industry. The market-ready product is already being used by companies such as Coca-Cola, and food discounters such as Lidl and Aldi. A market entry in the US is planned and the company is in contact with Starbucks and McDonald's.

The award ceremony for the Red Herring Top 100 Europe took place at the end of February 2019 in Amsterdam. In May, the grass paper will be presented to US investors at the Top 100 North America Event in Los Angeles.

edited by Thobias Quaß

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