10. April 2019 | Recycling

Blueloop drives for circularity

Coffee pack
The new solutions will also involve innovative polyolefin structures e.g. to pack coffee
Source: Huhtamaki

Food and drink packaging company Huhtamaki launched Blueloop, a new range of recyclable flexible packaging made of mono-material PP, PE and paper. According to the manufacturer, these solutions also include innovative polyolefin structures to pack coffee, snacks, dry food, personal care and other fast-moving consumer products.

Closing the loop

The name Blueloop, according to the company, derives from its aim to close the loop within packaging materials. The materials are said to be reused and are not going into waste or litter. Packaging materials are collected, recycled into plastics or paper and then used again to make new products. Blue is the brand color of Huhtamaki and loop reportedly stands for the industrial loop of the circular economy.

"We are committed to offering recyclable solutions for all our flexible packaging product categories," says OIli Koponen, Executive Vice President, Flexible Packaging. "Today we have solutions available for several key categories and we will launch solutions for our most demanding applications soon.“

Collaboration is key

"Blueloop is more than a product range, it is a learning and development platform", says Michael Hahl, Sustainability and Strategic Innovation Director. "Collaboration is key. We engage with the full supply chain from resin providers to our customers and recyclers."

The manufacturer reportedly also encourages food packers and brand owners to make recycling and pack material information much more visible on the pack. It will not only help consumers to recycle the packaging but will also build brand image and differentiate.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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