18. March 2019 | Packaging materials & packs

Second life for ice cream packs

Food packaging that is getting a second life after it has been used. This is the core idea oft he circular economy. Bracia Koral, a Polish ice-cream producer, started to design a new packaging solution with this in mind. The chosen PET jars, which are provided by RPC PET Power from the Netherlands, can be used for other purposes after consumption.

“We don’t want our empty packs to go immediately in the waste bin but instead offer a useful second life as a household, workshop or toy container. We have also launched a competition to highlight this potential”, says Piotr Gasiorowski, Koral's Sales and Marketing Manager. PET was chosen because of its advantages as a lightweight, durable and protective material.

Die PET-Verpackung wird von Koral für die Flavours of Childhood genannte Produktreihe verwendet
The PET packaging from Koral is used for the Flavours of Childhood range
Source: RPC M&H Plastics
Die von Koral gewählte PET-Schalenverpackung kann nach dem Verzehr für andere Zwecke weiter genutzt werden
The packaging can be used for other purposes after consumption
Source: RPC M&H Plastics

edited by Thobias Quaß

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