13. March 2019 | Recycling

One more fibre-based straw

Dolea Straw
The fully printable paper straw is recyclable with paper waste
Source: Dolea

To help companies offer plastic-free solutions, Dolea has launched a fiber-based straw that reportedly contains no plastic and is recyclable with paper waste. According to the Finnish company, this straw is based on the consumer boards raw material from Finnish paper manufacturer Kotkamills. The straw was recently introduced during the Circular City Week of New York City.

Fully printable

Originally the straw was developed and patented by the Finnish start-up company Her Majesty’s Drinking Box. It is said to be fast and efficient to manufacture and to offer features and quality in use as plastic straws. It is also fully printable opening up possibilities for branding and promotional uses. As an option, the Dolea Straw reportedly offers a new drop-shape, which provides marketers with even more printable surface.

The virgin wood fiber material used for the straw reportedly can be recycled as fiber in conventional Paper Recycling, so that it can be completely repulped and reused as highly valued recycled material in the circular economy. The paper straw is also biodegradable and can be biodegraded in industrial composts with no remains left for landfills. It doesn't contain any additional ingredients, like adhesives.

Regionally manufactured

The straws reportedly are made of Finnish forest products with PEFC & FSC certificates of origin. According to the company, the manufacturing of the straws is being located near end-markets thereby also benefiting local expertise of every region. Discussions with North American converters are said to be ongoing.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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