03. April 2019 | Recycling

Sitma: all on paper

Paper Wrap
The manufacturer is supporting the transition to the use of paper by promoting envelopes as a type of packaging
Source: Sitma

Italian machinery manufacturer Sitma has invested in finding a packaging alternative to traditional thermoplastic materials, and has been developing a solution that reportedly can reconcile sustainability, production costs and mechanical performance.

According to the company, it has carried out comparative studies, evaluating the pros and cons of different materials in search of the optimal choice in terms of both performance and sustainability. Putting aside the traditional thermoplastic materials, whose technological development has come to an end, it is now paper and bio-plastic which are being taken into consideration.

Paper as the preferred solution

According to the study, paper is a highly recyclable material obtained from natural renewable sources, but requires special precautions due to its various mechanical properties. Bio-plastic is an eco-compatible material with inherent characteristics that make it ideal for packaging, but it’s expensive, both in the production and recycling phases.

Considering its biodegradability within a matter of weeks and the renewability of the production source, consumer expectations and international regulations aimed at reducing sources of air pollution, the company endorses the paper option. Thus, the manufacturer updated its packaging solutions to be able to use paper as an alternative to films or bio-films. The company reportedly developed a process that allows the packaging of differently sized objects on the same machine.

Working with existing machines

Thanks to the retrofit created by the company, the use of paper is said to not require changing machines or production lines in most cases. It reportedly obtains a product whose features conform to the standards of film packaging in terms of protection, aesthetic requirements and customization options.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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