30. April 2019 | Recycling

All it takes is ideas

When designing packaging, many different aspects must be taken into account. The carbon footprint is one of those factors on which packaging has a big impact. Need examples? Based on a trend study performed by Cate Trotter (Insider Trends London) for the European Brand & Packaging Design Association, we will look at a selection of ecological packaging highlights.

Paper bottles from Seed Phytonutrients

For its Seed Phytonutrients product line of hair and beauty care products, L'Oréal has hired the ecological packaging manufacturer Ecologic for developing an environmentally compatible cardboard bottle. It is made from recycled paper and cardboard, and thanks to the use of clay, it is waterproof so that it can be used in the shower. The design does not require any adhesive since the parts interlock, and the interior coating consists of a thin, recycled plastic.


Huskee, an Australian start-up uses the coffee bean's husks for producing cups and saucers. This makes them a smart by-product of the huge global coffee business. The cups have a simple design, but the material helps keep the coffee hot longer. They can even go in the dishwasher, which makes them an option for commercial and household use.

Tubes made of sugar cane

The tubes of some organics skincare products from True Organic of Sweden are manufactured from sugar cane. The packaging consists of 100% renewable resources. This contributes to the reduction of the volume of CO2 in the manufacturing process, as the sugar cane absorbs CO2 while growing.  
Edible six-pack rings

The volume of plastics in our oceans is an essential reason for the packaging industry's efforts to reduce the use of plastics. Saltwater Brewery uses the waste products from the brewing process such as barley and wheat leftovers for producing six-pack rings. They are completely biodegradable and edible.

Mel Millis boxes

The Mel Millis skincare brand uses premium recycled paper for producing elegant folding boxes that are completely biodegradable. In addition, the paper is impregnated with wildflower seeds, so that customers can plant it to raise beautiful flowers: A gift that keeps on giving.


Die European Brand & Packaging Design Association is a European network of designers and design agencies with a focus on brand and packaging design. Twice a year, it organizes events for exchanging ideas and experiences with international peers and the packaging industry. The next event will take place on 9 November in Paris.

Seed Phytonutrients
The cardboard bottle is waterproof so that it can be used in the shower
Source: epda

edited by Maren Oellerich

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