20. June 2019 | Recycling

Banana leaves replace plastics

Banana leaves replace plastics
Aside from wrapping vegetables and fruits, fresh meat products might also be packed in banana leaves
Source: Facebook / perfecthomes

According to a media report, there are supermarkets in Asia that make use of banana leaves instead of plastic packaging. It reportedly started at Rimping supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand who came up with the eco-friendly packaging for vegetables and fruits. After sharing this idea in the social media, it caught the attention of Vietnamese supermarkets.

Nationwide usage is planned

Big supermarket chains in Vietnam reportedly have all started to follow in the Thai store’s footsteps by replacing plastics packaging with banana leaves. In an interview, a representative from the Lotte Mart chain said that they are still in the testing phase but are planning to making use of the leaves nationwide very soon.

Aside from wrapping vegetables and fruits, the grocery chain reportedly intends to also use the leaves for fresh meat products. Customers have since been applauding the effort.

Recyclability a growing trend in Asia

In Vietnam, the use of the leaves as packaging is said to be a welcome addition to the numerous other efforts establishments are experimenting with to reduce plastic waste. The supermarkets of Big C, for instance, already offers biodegradable bags made with corn powder in its stores.

Banning or reducing single-use plastic bags in supermarkets is said to be a growing trend in Asia. To name just one example, South Korea recently banned the use of disposable plastic bags, requiring supermarkets and others to provide recyclable containers to customers.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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