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Design for Recycling: Minimum standards consultation process

2019: A turning point for the world of packaging
Minimum standards for specifying design for recycling with regard to packaging are to be established
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In Germany, the Central Packaging Register (Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister; ZSVR) has launched the consultation process for establishing minimum standards for specifying design for recycling with regard to packaging. The goal of this process is to expand the promotion of packaging designed for recycling based on the German Packaging Act. This process was initiated in 2018, and the stakeholders are now invited to contribute to the further development of these standards during the consultation process.

Standards to be published in September

According to the legal requirements of Section 21 of the Packaging Act, the ZSVR must publish minimum standards for packaging design for recycling by 1 September. The process is being implemented in coordination with the German Environment Agency. Based on the guidance from 2018, a draft for the minimum standards has been generated.

The Packaging Act specifies that the actual sorting and reclaiming practices must be taken into account from the very beginning of the packaging design process already. According to the ZSVR, generating minimum standards for this process requires a high level of expertise. The current draft is said to include the knowledge from the value-added chains for all groups of materials.

Comments open until 12 July

During the ongoing consultation process, stakeholders may provide comments for review until 12 July. The minimum standards will be published by the Central Packaging Register in coordination with the German Environment Agency on 1 September.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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