08. May 2019 | Recycling

Video series about plastic packaging started

RPC Video
The videos provide technical information about plastic packaging in a descriptive and clear way
Source: RPC

On its website, RPC Group has put together a series of short videos that aim to give a response to some of the frequently asked questions on plastic packaging. With this series, the packaging group aims to provide consumers with technical information in a succinct way, as there is much negative publicity surrounding plastic packaging in the consumer media – much of which is reportedly inaccurate or misinformed, according to the group.

Four times 60 seconds

Topics covered in the four 60 second videos are the call to ban plastics altogether, an explanation of the plastics recycling process, the problems of ocean litter, the reasons behind the use of plastic in food packaging, and an understanding of the role of biodegradable plastics.

Minimizing impact on the environment

“We want to provide viewers with short and reasoned explanations of plastics’ role in packaging, including the benefits it brings and how to tackle some of the problems associated with its disposal,” explains the group’s Sustainability Manager Katherine Fleet. “We hope customers, consumers and all interested parties will find these useful aids in establishing a clearer picture of the ways in which we can continue to enjoy the benefits of plastics while minimizing their impact on the environment.”

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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