24. April 2019 | Recycling

Two winners of Luxe Pack in green awards

During Luxe Pack Shanghai this April, two winners of the Luxe Pack in green awards have been awarded. Favini and Nationalpak reportedly convinced the jury with their submissions with regard to lower environmental impact.

Italian paper company Favini won the award with its Bio+ Vagheggi packaging. In a fully sustainable concept, this cosmetic line has chosen the Shiro Alga Carta, an ecological approach starting from the use of the detrimental algal blooms of the Venice lagoon, in partial substitution of cellulose fibers. Furthermore, this packaging is said to use no varnishing, no glue, no additional leaflets or labels. Thus, the pack itself is a writeable surface.

Two awards at once

Hong Kong-based luxury packaging provider Nationalpak won the award with its Compostable Stone Massage Oil packaging. The material reportedly is made of compostable bamboo fiber mixed with CCBM, a fully biodegradable material. When placed into a particular conditional soil, it reportedly will take about 3-6 months to complete the degradation that will convert into carbon dioxide and water. It is said to contain no harmful substances and to cause zero pollution to the environment.

The latter also won the award in the sustainable initiative category. As a packaging company, they constantly educate their team about the daily environmental issues, according to the Luxe Pack statement. The company set up an Environmental Protection Working Group to promote environmental protection policies.

Bio+ Vagheggi
The Shiro Alga Carta uses the detrimental algal blooms of the Venice lagoon
Source: Favini
Compostable Stone Massage Oil packaging
The compostable Stone Massage Oil packaging is made of bamboo fiber
Source: Nationalpak

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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