31. July 2014 | Products

World's first online shopper insights tool

For the first time, brand owners can now immediately access shopper insights on how they view shelf-ready packaging in-store thanks to a brand new, exclusive partnership between packaging provider Smurfit Kappa and online eye-tracking company, EyeSee.

According to the companies, this new online tool enables brand owners to test and understand the impact of shelf-ready packaging on shoppers faster than ever by visualising it on a virtual supermarket shelf and collating eye-tracking results via a webcam. Full analysis of results - including facts and figures on the extent to which the product stood out, was remembered, and raised shopper curiosity in the product on the shelf - are returned within a week.

Packaging spotted by 76 % more shoppers

So, brand owners are reportedly enabled to gather insights from large numbers of shoppers more quickly and cost-effectively. The tool is also said to give the flexibility to gather insights from particular segments of shopper types. All of this shopper research is carried out online in a risk-free environment during the early stages of packaging development and design.

Initial findings from both partners show that disruptive shelf-ready packaging - which ensures products stand out, are remembered and raise shopper curiosity on the shelf - is noticed by 76% more shoppers in the first five seconds of viewing a shelf full of competitor products. It is recalled by 79% more shoppers after their shopping trip. It raises overall levels of curiosity and interest among almost three times as many shoppers as standard packaging.

New microsite to show innovative solutions

Olivier Tilleuil, Managing Director and Founder of EyeSee said: "With between 40% and 70% of purchasing decisions made in-store and 86% of consumers admitting they are 'switchers', brands are constantly battling it out to be the product that is first noticed and selected by shoppers. Pack stand-out has never been more important."

The partnership with the eye-tracking company is another example of how Smurfit Kappa wants to be set to 'Open the future' for its customers. This new strategy aims to focus on delivering customer growth through insight and innovation, reflecting the continued battle for brand owners to win that all-important First Moment of Truth, where shoppers choose one brand over another. It is brought to life through a microsite, where a series of films demonstrate how customers across the world have worked in partnership with the producer of paper-based packaging to create innovative solutions which have driven commercial success. The new microsite can be visited at website openthefuture.info and is said to be updated regularly throughout the year.

World's first online shopper insights tool
A new microsite shows case studies with customers across the world.
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