TWB 08/15 Oberflächenentkeimung durch Xenon-Blitzlicht

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Anwendung von Pulsed Light zur Dekontamination von Verpackungsmaterial

The application of Xenon Flash lamps is an innovative chemical-free and non-thermal technology for the rapid sterilization of packaging material. Various surfaces as well as different geometries can be efficiently decontaminated in short time with just a few light flashes. Due to its unspecific action, this technology is suitable not only to inactivate vegetative bacterial cells, but also to kill bacterial spores, yeasts, moulds or viruses in order to ensure the microbial stability and safety of packaged food. Different machines are already commercially available to sterilize lids, caps or films.

Keywords: Xenon flash lamp, pulsed light, packaging sterilization, UV-light

Schlagworte: Blitzlampe, Pulsed light, Packstoffentkeimung, UV-Strahlung

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