10. February 2016 | Economy

2nd hall, new manufacturing capacity

2nd hall, new manufacturing capacity
In June, 7 injection molding systems will start operating here. In the long term, 14 machines are scheduled to be deployed in the second manufacturing building.
Source: Auer

Packaging specialist Auer Packaging keeps investing into its future: In 2013, the company acquired the Technology Park in Amerang, Germany. In early January 2016, construction on the second manufacturing hall began on a 50,000 sqm lot. A third manufacturing hall and a logistics center are already being planned at this site; construction is scheduled to start in mid-2016.

The company specializes in manufacturing storage and transport containers made of plastic that are used for optimizing production and other work processes. This family-operated SME, which was founded more than 30 years ago, is a global supplier today. Its portfolio includes practical folding boxes as well as customized packaging solutions. Thanks to full order books, sales have been growing continuously. According to the company, annual sales might soon reach the 100 million euro mark.

7 more systems

The second production hall will lead the way, providing the company with additional 3,000 sqm of plastic container production capacity. In June, 7 injection molding systems will start producing there. Long-term plans call for 14 machines to be operating in this hall. Each system is designed for an output of 500,000 items/year, which corresponds to an additional increase in capacity of 7 million items.

Packaging worldwide

The products are being distributed locally by 8 subsidiaries in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as a dense network of authorized partners. According to the company, annual output amounts to about 14 million plastic containers. In 2015, annual sales were 84 million euros. In 2016, sales of 90 million euros are expected.

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