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Sustainable solutions

BASF: Interpack-focus on sustainable solutions
Ultramid C37LC for shrink film
Source: BASF

BASF experts and specialists from BTC Europe, the distribution organization of BASF, will present a wide range of products and innovations from its packaging portfolio. The broad range of products is focusing on packaging products that reduce the environmental and ecological footprint while still being an economically viable option.

Ultramid Flex F38L is an entirely new, partly bio-based Copolyamide. The softness and extremely high transparency allows manufacturers to use a Polyamide for vacuum skin packaging. The new grade has a different O2/CO2 transmission ratio to all other Polyamides and can be used for cheese ripening bags or modified atmosphere packaging.

Ultramid C37LC is a new Copolyamide allowing manufacturers of shrink film for food packaging to achieve higher hot water and hot air shrinkage. Films produced with Ultramid C37LC have a lower crystallinity and are significantly softer and more transparent than films made of conventional Copolyamide.

BASF is presenting the innovative biomass balance approach applied for the packaging industry. Using this concept, renewable raw materials are used as feedstock in the beginning of BASF’s integrated Verbund production system and then allocated to specific sales products. As a consequence, these products save fossil resources and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An example of the biomass balance approach from a customer’s application will be available for visitors to the BASF booth.

interpack 2017
Hall 10,
Booth No. B 43

edited by Norbert Sauermann

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