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Packaging Trends 4.0

Capri Sun
Despite criticism that has been expressed about the name, pouches – a global success product and concept – might own the future
Source: SiSi

Two days of ProFlex, the spring meeting of the German flexographic printing association in Stuttgart, Germany; and on Day 2, Verpackungs-Rundschau presented cool Packaging Trends 4.0 in front of an audience of 260 at HdM (Hochschule der Medien; Stuttgart Media University):

  • Food consumption will continue to increase worldwide – food packaging will continue to grow. Pharmaceutical products are also increasing – pharmaceutical packaging will follow suit.
  • The demand for biodegradable material continues unabated.
  • Sustainability issues are front and center in all operations – so are packaging materials and means.
  • Digitalization/Industry 4.0 permeates the industry – including the product side (from chemicals to food): packaging machinery manufacturing will keep pace, and the automation people are already there.
  • Digital printing has already arrived – and will continue to grow strongly.
  • Serialization of pharmaceuticals is a fact – with encoding, marking, labeling profiting greatly.
  • Serialization of food and food products will follow suit globally.
  • PET containers will continue their worldwide successful conquest.
  • Flexibles and pouches have great global opportunities.
  • Each packaging item's surface must be used to communicate even more than is currently the case.


From Norbert Sauermann

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