Invisible set-off of UV-printing inks onto polyolefins

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Set-off of printing ink components  from the ink to the food contact layer  needs to be considered for food  regulatory evaluations. In an experimental  approach, the set-off of  photoinitiators from three ink systems  onto polyethylene and polypropylene  films was investigated. “Monomeric”  photoinitiators and acrylates reached  their partition equilibria within short  term whereas “polymeric” photoinitiators  did migrate only slowly. A  conservative estimate of partition  coefficients was proposed in order to  predict set-off from UV-printing inks  onto polyolefins. 

Keywords: Migration, Photoinitiators,  Printing ink, Modelling, Polyolefins 

Schlagworte: Migration, Photoinitiatoren, Druckfarben,  Modellierung, Polyolefine 

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