TWB 10/12 Mechanische Kunststoffprüfungen

Prüfpraxis im Verpackungswesen Teil 2

Mechanical testing of packaging materials

Systematic utilisation of mechanical testing procedures of multilayer polymerfilm systems in material development and quality control processes allows optimisation of the production of packaging materials. This article focusses on the role of determining sealing seam strength, laminate bond strength and application of the EAA-Peel-Test, also with regard to its role in failure analysis.

Keywords: Mechanical material testing, multilayer polymerfilms, sealing seam strength, laminating bond strength, EAA-Peel-Test

Schlagworte: Mechanische Materialprüfung, Mehrschicht-Polymerfolien, Siegelnahtfestigkeit, Verbundhaftung, EAA-Peel-Test

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